Criminal Justice

Why Some Problem Cops Don’t Lose Their Badges

A Wall Street Journal examination shows how states allow some police officers to remain on the force despite misconduct

By Louise Radnofsky, Zusha Elinson, John R. Emshwiller and Gary Fields, WSJ, 12/30/16



The Hidden Hurt of Life on the Police Beat

National soul-searching over officer shootings has obscured a routine reality for cops – the threat of violence is often just behind a door

By Gary Fields & Zusha Elision, WSJ, 12/18/16



As Arrest Records Rise, Americans Find Consequences Can Last a Lifetime

Even if charges were dropped, a lingering arrest record can ruin chances of a job

By Gary Fields & John R. Emshwiller, WSJ, 8/18/14



In Medical Triumph, Homicides Fall Despite Soaring Gun Violence

In October 2012, The Wall Street Journal got an inside look at the “ballet of organized chaos” that is a normal shift at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD

By Gary Fields and John R. Emshwiller, WSJ, 12/8/12



Communities Struggle to Break a Grim Cycle of Killing

By Cameron McWhirter and Gary Fields, WSJ, 8/18/12



As Inmates Age, a Prison Carpenter Builds More Coffins

By Gary Fields, WSJ, 5/18/05